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Ah yes. The subject line. Email marketing's greatest point of leverage. Write a good one and be blessed with eyeballs (and conversions) galore. Write a bad one and, alas, your hard-earned content never sees the light of day. We know subject lines are a science. But are they not also an art? Download this guide and leave with a toolkit that even your high school English teacher would be proud of. Channel your inner Lee, Dickinson, or Steinbeck as we deep dive into literary device mastery by some of the most impressive subject line writers in the world. See how brands like West Elm, Patagonia, and lululemon are dominating inboxes everywhere with Assonance, Apostrophe, and Alliteration... See what I did there? Oh what fun we will have.

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Top brands using literary techniques to win inboxes

Twenty useful literary devices (with examples)

Brilliant subject lines to inspire creativity


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